Resurrection Man - About the film

“What happened back then, it isn’t worth this…”

  Resurrection Man is a short film that explores the relationship between two old friends, one who holds a position of power and authority (Rowan) and the other who wields an inner power that defies credulity (Callen). 

  Rowan, a tortured “man of God,” believed that his dedication to his life’s vocation would somehow bring him closer to the divine.  Rather than looking inward, he has looked to external manifestations of power to define him.  Angered that rising through the ranks of the clergy didn’t bestow upon him any mystical secrets or revelations, he seeks the proof and power of the divine elsewhere.

  Callen, a desperate man who’s lived a secret, solitary existence for years, was born with an incredible supernatural power.  He can command his spirit to break free of its bond to himself and direct it to possess others.  He wishes he could be rid of it.  A burden from the beginning, he has seen the evil in men’s souls and desires nothing more than the blissful ignorance of normalcy.  He tries not to use his power.  But his first use of it has come back to haunt him.

  Rowan and Callen knew each other long ago, and in a moment of unthinking anger, Callen used his power for the first time to possess Rowan—but for only a moment.  Callen fled Rowan after this event and went into hiding to ensure that he and his ability would never be found out.  Rowan, conscious of what happened, has never forgotten.  And to him, Callen is the living proof of the divine that he has been searching for his entire adult life.  He has dedicated his life to hunting Callen and to finally possessing and understanding the mystical power he wields.

  Rowan will use any means necessary to control Callen and his power.  And as the short film opens, it looks like he may have finally succeeded.

“I just want to do a camera test to see if we can make it look like a real movie…” 
Chris Ripper, Director

 Resurrection Man (the short film) started off more as a technical camera test to try to push the envelope of consumer grade camcorders.   But as the script neared completion and securing the locations to make it happen started coming together, we realized that not only would we have the makings of a great camera test, we also had the makings of an engaging short film. 

 Then we did it.

 The production day was fantastic (due to some heavy duty pre-production and rehearsing).  We got all the shots we wanted, and we went home exhausted and thrilled that we had gotten through our allotted production time without the need for any reshoots or extra voice work in post.

 Then post-production began.

 We again leaned on the generosity of only a handful of skilled volunteers (4 to be exact) to help with the music, special effects, trailer editing, and final sound mixing.

 We are pleased and thankful for the opportunity to share our short film with you. We hope you enjoy it. 

 We had a blast making it…


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